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About me

My name is Corinne and I eat mostly plant based treats and whole foods. I don’t eat meat & fish and I rarely eat dairy products anymore. As a result most of my treats are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Although I don’t like labels, I guess you could say I’m vegetarian, with a focus on plant-based foods.


I respect every healthy way of eating and It’s not my intention to impose my ideals on to anyone. Everyone is different and you have to eat in a way that works for you.

Start where you are with what you have. Just....start.

I believe in following a passion, discovering opportunities and living in the present. The “tomorrow I’ll start” feeling resonates with me (been there, done that) but today and now is the moment.


In my experience, consistently eating healthy is a lifestyle and once you start you can’t stop. Healthy eating is not about age, It’s never too late to adjust your not so good eating habits into healthy ones.


For young & old, for everyone: Just eat more plants!

Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

You might wonder whether I’m always consistent – my answer will be “no”, sometimes I have French Fries from the cafeteria, because I love them (no mayo!) and of course healthy eating is all about balance. However, I still enjoy pure and nutritious food most of all.

I still enjoy pure and nutritious food most of all.

I don t count calories, I just eat what I want. I eat as little as possible refined sugars and I love eating foods that are pure & natural. Often organic, whole foods, full grains, fruits, veggies, seeds and raw nuts. This way of eating provides vegetable proteins, healthy fats, anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. It is Important to me to have a good balance and sufficient variation in my diet.


I take vitamin B12 and vitamin D supplements several times a week and with or after every meal, I try to eat fruit, this provides me with much needed vitamin C, which ensures that the body absorbs iron from vegetable products better.


I feel better than ever and I have an incredible amount of energy, my skin looks good and I don’t gain any weight.

Preparing Healthy food shouldn’t be too time consuming, as besides motherhood – I’m a mom of three – I work as a Flight Attendant and I sing in a band, therefore more often than not my days are too short.


Through this website I want to share healthy and very simple dishes with you, to show you that – Healthy eating can be a Piece Of Cake! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Finally I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the love, encouragement and comments I receive on social media, it has given me the courage and inspiration to continue on this path. I ‘m very thankful for that.


Love Corinne xx

About Healthy Piece Of Cake

‘Healthy Piece Of Cake’ stands for: Healthier and easier food enjoyment.
It stands for stylish handmade food. It stands for easy recipes, which are mostly plant based, and do not compromise on taste!

In particular Raw Cakes* and treats are a very nutritious and a tasty alternative and because the ingredients are not heated above 45- 48 degrees Celsius, all of the valuable qualities of the ingredients remain conserved.

Healthy Piece Of Cake loves lots of bright colors in a dish and is generous with the toppings and it’s more than okay to see that a treat is handmade… So not too perfect please!


Eat the rainbow for good food & nutrition. But most of all: Flavor comes first!

*What are Raw Cakes?
Raw Cakes are cakes made from fruit, seeds and raw nuts – preferbly organic – for which the ingredients aren’t heated above 45-48 degrees Celsius, in order to retain their vitamins and nutrients. They are made from just plant based products and natural sugars.