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Food Blog Carnival

Food Blog Carnival

I’ve never been that kind of a blogger.. but how I wish I really was one! #futuregoals !!
I knew it would be difficult for me to maintain a blog. I worked (temporary) full-time and next to the time that family life swallows (I have 3 kids, a hubby ánd a dog!?) ánd my passion for healthy plantbased food I also love to make music with the bands I’m singing in. Blogging became my last priority. I had it in my mind – already for a while – to start blogging again and Janine known as @nutsandblueberries on Insta gave me that extra push. I really want to start blogging before the end of this year, after all the fuss and when I have some more air to breathe.

What’s the case? Janine ( ps.. talking about a talented power woman! Janine is!! You must check out her blog & feed!) organizes this cool Food Blog Carnival Link #healthyfastfood4 and I really wanted to join so she made me realize I really need to start blogging now!


So here it is. My first -very short- blog since ages. In honor of Janine’s carnival. And let’s say many more 2 come starting at the end of this year! I want to share a lot about my travels.
My blogs will not be long and I want to share mostly what I encounter during traveling all over the world. One blog in two weeks. I must not put too much pressure on myself right?


As a flight attendant I’m able 2 visit some of the nicest & most beautiful spots and I discover so many new dishes as well I would love 2 share. So thankyou Janine! For inspiring me and many others! Let’s join Carnival Food Blog #healthyfastfood4 and show you my healthy fast food recipe:
Ps.. are you joining as well?? Link


My healthy fast food parfait is very easy 2 make, delish, healthy and a feast for the eyes! ( At least I think it’s a feast for the eyes 😉

  • rudy

    6 October 2016 at 10:41


  • rudy

    6 October 2016 at 11:43