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It’s a Wrap!!


Mijn tweede boek; “Earthy Flavours“ is nu verkrijgbaar voor €22,95 op boekengilde.nl!


Ook verkrijgbaar of te bestellen bij de betere boekhandel.
ISBN: 978-94-6402-248-3


Je zult versteld staan hoe smakelijk & gemakkelijk de recepten in dit boek zijn. Klik hier of op de afbeelding voor meer info over het boek en waar het te verkrijgen is.
Life’s too short to skip dessert!
Eating healthy ánd delicious can be a piece of cake.
So go on . . .  eat your cake!

Salty Caramel (N)Ice Cream Bowl (vegan,raw,glutenfree)

Actually, I’m not a huge ice cream lover. But if it’s really hot for a while, I do enjoy experimenting with simple homemade ice cream.
Banana ice cream, on the other hand, is a different story, I could seriously eat it every day, not that I’m doing, something about balance ;).


Creamy Asparagus Soup (glutenfree)

The tastiest creamy vegan asparagus soup ever!
It’s spring and so time to eat asparagus again !! I love asparagus, how about you? Make this delicious creamy “easy peasy lemon squeezy” spring soup in no time! READ MORE

Blueberry Lemon Loaf

A vegan cake…does it really taste good?
Sure! Impress your guests and yourself with this creamy beauty on the table! Treat yourself and get easily through any vegan challenge.


Raw Rosy Raspberry Almond Cake

It’s a mouth full ;p. This cake is so creamy and marzipan-like!!
All my cakes are really easy to make (and also very tasty;), but the toppings make it look like a real piece of art.
When you’re not that handy, you gotta be smart, right?READ MORE

Vegan Burrito Bowl

Because lately it’s totally “hip, hot and happening” and because my daughters are crazy about it and my “youngest” even inspired me, it turns out to be real “festival food” together with a Corona;), here is my version of a Burrito Bowl!


Chocolate Banana Cake

Chocolate flavour and banana… my all time fave combo!
Nourishing ánd delish; you can never go wrong with these two ingredients!


Soft Apple Pie Oaties

Do you really like apple fritters but would you like to eat a nutritious snack and/or breakfast? Then these Oaties are probably something for you. I don’t say they taste exactly like “the real deal”, but I personally find them delicious and with a bit of imagination you might think you’re really eating apple fritters.

Pink Pitaya Bowl

For this smoothie you’ll need a powerful blender suitable for crushing ice.
Who doesn’t love a delicious and nutritious smoothie bowl?